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Day Name Established/recognized by
June (First Friday) National Donut Day (USA)
June 1 Global Day of Parents UN[13][125]
June 1 International Children's Day
June 1 World Milk Day
June 2 International Whores' Day
June 2 Republic Day (Italy)
June 3 World Bicycle Day UN[126]
June 4 International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression UN[13][127]
June 5 World Environment Day UN, UNEP[13][128]
June 5 Danish Constitution Day
June 6 D-Day
June 6 World Pest Day CEPA, NPMA[129]
June 6 National Day of Sweden
June 7 World Swift Day Swifts Without Frontiers[130]
June 7 World Food Safety Day WHO[131]
June 8 World Oceans Day UN[13][132]
June 9 Coral Triangle Day
June 10 Portugal Day Portugal
June 10 World Art Nouveau Day
June 11 Brazilian Navy Day
June 12 Anne Frank Day[133] Anne Frank Centre
June 12 International Shia Day[134]
June 12 World Day Against Child Labour[13][135]
June 12 Independence Day (Philippines)
June 13 International Albinism Awareness Day UN[136][137]
June 14 World Blood Donor Day[68] UN, WHO[13][138]
June 15 Global Wind Day
June 16 Youth Day (South Africa)
June 16 International Day of the African Child AU (OAU)
June 16 Bloomsday
June 17 World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought UN[13][139]
June 17 Icelandic National Day
June 18 Autistic Pride Day
June 19 or third Saturday of the month Juneteenth
June 19 World Sickle Cell Day United Nations General Assembly (63rd session)
June 20 World Refugee Day UN[13][140]
June 20–21 (Solstice) International Surfing Day
June 21 World Humanist Day
June 21 Go Skateboarding Day
June 21 World Music DayInternational Day of Yoga, International Day of Purpose, National Indigenous Day (Canada) UN,[141] Day of Purpose[142]
June 21 World Hydrography Day
June 21 World Music Day
June 22 World Kidney Cancer Q&A Day[143]
June 23 International Widow's Day UN[13][144]
June 23 UN Public Service Day
June 23 World Female Ranger Day How Many Elephants[145]
June 24 Take Your Dog to Work Day
June 24 Fête Nationale du Québec
June 25 World Vitiligo Day VITSAF[146][147]
June 26 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking UN[13][148]
June 26 United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture UN[13][149]
June 26 World Refrigeration Day
June 27 National PTSD Awareness Day
June 28 Tau Day
June 28 (Also October 22) CAPS LOCK DAY
June 30 United Nations International Asteroid Day raises public awareness of the asteroid impact hazard UN[13][150]
June (first, second, or third Saturday) Queen's Official Birthday
June (first Sunday) National Cancer Survivors Day (US)
June (second Saturday) World Wide Knit in Public Day
June (third Sunday) Father's Day in some countries
June (last Saturday) Bundle Day (Switzerland)