National Dress Day– March 6, 2022

On National Dress Day March 6, we celebrate the most versatile and fun article of clothes there is– the dress! Fashion designer Ashley Lauren founded the day to assist pay tribute to dresses and the magical minutes that take place when we use them.


11th century
The Start of the Dress
Towards the end of the century, females start to use form-fitting and shapely dresses.

The Little Black Dress
A Chanel dress featured on the cover of the October problem of “Style” popularizes the ‘Little Black Dress.’

February 2000
Green With Envy
The renowned green Versace dress made from silk chiffon is worn by Jennifer Lopez at the Grammys.

The Power of a Dress
Ashley Lauren Kerr, the creator of National Dress Day, introduces her formal dress line ASHLEYlauren.


Remember your dresses
The day was founded as a celebration to keep in mind and appreciate the dresses in our lives. Take the opportunity to look through your closet and old photos and remember the gowns you wore on your most remarkable celebrations. Possibly make a list of your favorite gowns, or publish a collage on Facebook.

Use a dress
The most basic method to celebrate National Dress Day is to wear a dress! Since the day falls during March, it might be cold where you live, and perhaps you have actually been using trousers for months. Utilize the day as an excuse to get out your favorite dress– no matter how springy– put on some tights or leggings, and make new memories in your favorite garment.

Ask a friend or family about her preferred gowns
Asking a pal or family member about her own favorite dresses is a fantastic way to get to understand somebody much better. Call your grandmother to ask about the favorite gowns of her youth, or ask your mama if she remembers what is like shopping for her high school graduation dress.


Gowns are comfortable
Exists anything more comfy to wear than a dress? The response is no– and you simply have to seek to style throughout history and around the globe to be guaranteed that dresses are the very best! Men, females, and children have actually used variations of the dress throughout history, and it lots of warm countries, guys use dresses, likewise called tunics, as a method to remain cool.

Gowns are versatile
There are many various type of gowns that there is one for every single event! There are dresses for sleeping, gowns for lazing your home, dresses for playing sports in, gowns for work, gowns for play, and of course, gowns for the most unique occasions in our lives, like prom gowns, wedding dresses, and red carpet gowns.

Dresses are lovely
Gowns can be practical of course, but they can likewise be beautiful. Designer gowns can be masterpieces, and some of the world’s finest museums have actually had dresses on display to highlight their charm and workmanship. They can be embroidered, hand-beaded, hand-stitched and made from the finest materials.

Calendar date of the event National Dress Day every year? Calendar National Dress Day from now to 2028 is the date?

When is...? Date Day of Week Days away
National Dress Day 2021 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2021 Monday Happen in 0 days
National Dress Day 2022 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2022 Tuesday Happen in 153 days
National Dress Day 2023 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2023 Wednesday Happen in 518 days
National Dress Day 2024 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2024 Friday Happen in 884 days
National Dress Day 2025 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2025 Saturday Happen in 1249 days
National Dress Day 2026 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2026 Sunday Happen in 1614 days
National Dress Day 2027 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2027 Monday Happen in 1979 days
National Dress Day 2028 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2028 Wednesday Happen in 2345 days


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