National Wear Red Day– February 4, 2022

National Wear Red Day– February 4, 2022

The very first Friday in February (February 4) is National Wear Red Day. On this day in February, which is considered American Heart Month, everybody across the country dons the color red in order to spread out and raise awareness in wish to assist get rid of heart problem and stroke in countless ladies all over the nation. So placed on your reddest red– whether it be a lipstick, a pair of pants, or your preferred hat– and paint the city red.

Be it a lipstick, gown, shoes, or accessory, wear your brightest reds on National Wear Red Day on February 5. Although the day offers us the opportunity to wear more of this sensational color, it, more significantly, focuses on cardiovascular threats and illness.

In line with other body and soul associated themes of the month, National Wear Red Day brings awareness to ladies’s heart health. Females have actually been the heart beats of the house considering that the start, playing multiple functions as mothers, children, siblings, protectors, therapists, and providers. Ladies shoulder more duty now in and outside the home than ever before. In kind, they require more support in nurturing themselves as deeply as they support their households and communities. National Wear Red day is a lovely first step in offering women the world over the vital heart health info and services they need and deserve.

National Wear Red Day is supported by the American Heart Association and commemorated in conjunction with national heart health month. It focuses particularly on raising awareness of females’s heart disease and stroke risks. Heart disease triggers 1 in 3 deaths in females every year making it the primary health related killer in women. The good news is 87% of all heart issues are believed to be preventable making awareness, education, research, and resources crucial to the cause this vacation supports.

On this day every year, supporters wear their favorite red gowns, shoes, tops, and accessories in order to stand together with their impacted siblings and motivate others to take preventative actions for the sake of their heart’s health.

Governmental Decree
President Lyndon B. Johnson declares February national heart health month, nine years after having a heart attack.

Every Female Requirements a Little Red Dress
The Red Dress ends up being the national symbol for females and heart disease awareness.

The Dawn of Go Red Project
Go Red launches with a mission to get rid of heart problem and stroke in ladies.

Going Global
First Go Red for Women international license is provided.

February is all about matters of the heart. Be it Valentine’s Day, Healthy Heart Month, or National Wear Red Day, a healthy heart is what we look for. It’s tradition on National Wear Red Day to go strong with your fashion options and wear red. If you go shopping from certain stores, bake charity events and sales are hosted and donations are made to Go Red.

1 in 3– The number of grownups who suffer from high blood pressure.

17.9 million– The number of individuals who passed away from cardiovascular disease worldwide in 2016.

80%– The percentage of cardiovascular disease that are preventable with regular exercise, preventing tobacco, and preserving a healthy diet.

12%– The percentage of stroke victims that die from it.

50%– The portion of ladies who pass away within five years of having a cardiac arrest.

33%– The percentage of females who do not participate in sports or physical activity.

43 million– The number of ladies who presently have some type of heart disease.

655,000– The variety of Americans who pass away each year from cardiovascular disease.

What does it indicate to go red for ladies?
Going Red for ladies suggests assisting to raise awareness and take action steps towards the American Heart Association’s objective of decreasing death and special needs from cardiovascular disease.

What are the signs of heart problems in women?
There are some common signs whether the issue is a heart angina, heart, or attack failure. Some comparable signs include chest pain, shortness of breath or trouble breathing, stomach and/or queasiness pain, and light headedness among others.

When did Go Red begin?
National Wear Red Day officially started in 2004.

Throw a Red Celebration
Bring some enjoyable to your wellness goals by hosting a happy hour or dinner celebration with your loved ones. Serve heart healthy hors d’oeuvres and go over how you can all support one another in achieving and preserving healthy hearts. Scale up your celebration and turn it into a fundraiser for the Go Red and the American Heart Association if you are feeling actually enthusiastic.

Get the word out
Share National Wear Red Day on your social networks. Place on your most intricate red frock, snap a selfie, and let your buddies and fans know where they can get screenings, take part in Wear Red runs, and what healthy routines you will practice for your own heart health. Visit the Go Red for Women site for curated posts you can utilize on your social networks accounts.

From office supplies to clothes and jewelry, every purchase you make on Go Red’s site goes towards moneying the organization’s advocacy for women’s heart health. Buy yourself or your closest and dearest.

Diet and exercise: Your greatest weapon
Routine workout and a healthy diet plan can decrease your opportunities of cardiovascular disease by as much as 80 percent.

Social/Cultural Factors
African American women are disproportionately impacted by heart disease irregardless of age, class, and earnings.

Sex appeals to a healthy heart
Not just does sex count as workout by raising your heart rate, it also balances your testosterone and estrogen levels, lowers high blood pressure, and minimizes tension, all important parts in long term heart health.

Global takeover
Go Red is certified by 48 different companies in 42 nations.

More than one method to offer
There are several ways you can contribute to the Go Red trigger consisting of in memoriam contributions and monthly membership gifts.

Women are important
There’s a stating that when mommy gets sick, everyone gets sick. The sentiment is that females are such an important part of operating of our lives and society that when our ladies break down so does whatever else. By motivating wellness sees and regular self care practices beyond physician’s consultations we are doing our very small part in making certain our social structure stays strong and growing.

Understanding is Power
Our biggest defense in heart health is succinct, precise, and approximately date information and resources. National Wear Red Day is on the cutting edge bringing awareness to females all around the world in practical and available methods.

Prevention causes a cure
With 87% of heart disease associated issues being avoidable, the lion’s share of the fight is fought before there are even signs of an issue. In this circumstances our grandmothers were right, an ounce of avoidance truly deserves a pound of cure.


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When is...? Date Day of Week Days away
National Wear Red Day 2021 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2021 Monday Happen in 0 days
National Wear Red Day 2022 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2022 Tuesday Happen in 274 days
National Wear Red Day 2023 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2023 Wednesday Happen in 639 days
National Wear Red Day 2024 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2024 Friday Happen in 1005 days
National Wear Red Day 2025 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2025 Saturday Happen in 1370 days
National Wear Red Day 2026 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2026 Sunday Happen in 1735 days
National Wear Red Day 2027 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2027 Monday Happen in 2100 days
National Wear Red Day 2028 Day 25 Month 10 Year 2028 Wednesday Happen in 2466 days












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