National Pig Day– March 1, 2022

National Pig Day– March 1, 2022

National Pig Day, commemorated yearly on March 1, is the perfect time to celebrate just how much pigs have actually become part of American culture. We see pigs in art, costumes, stuffed animals, collectables, piggy banks, motion pictures, books and, obviously, on the dinner table. Pigs have actually lived throughout the nation on farms and in zoos for many years and even in our houses as pets! It’s only fitting to have a day devoted to this quickly recognizable, charming creature and find out more about how they are part of our culture and history.

Fossil records show pigs wandered the Earth as early as 40 million years earlier, and the animals’ descendants are believed to have actually initially been domesticated around 9,000 years back in current day China and parts of western Asia. Later on, about 3,500 years earlier, Romans introduced breeding for pigs. Pork usage was prohibited in parts of Asia and the Middle East, nevertheless, Europans continued refining purpose-driven pig breeds up to the 1500’s.

It was around this time when domesticated pigs first set “hoof” on North American soils. Christopher Columbus is believed to have 8 pigs along his journey while travelling to Cuba in 1493 after his preliminary trip to the “New World.” Columbus’ follower in checking out the America’s, Hernando de Soto, brought 13 of the animals with him when very first landing in today’s Tampa Bay, Florida, making the first domesticated pigs in what would end up being the United States of America.

National Pig Day started in 1972 when 2 sisters, Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave, chose it was time “to accord to the pig its rightful, though normally unacknowledged, location as one of guy’s most intellectual and domesticated animals”.

The first authorities celebration occurred that year with the intent of the holiday to respectfully remember the pig instead of serving it as the main meal. Ever since, cities across the nation plan fun occasions such as a “snort off” competitors, pig parades, and pig-themed arts and crafts activities.

Similar to canines and cats, potbellied pigs have actually made terrific pets and there are over 1 countless them throughout the United States and Canada today. For the majority of people, the most regular interaction with pigs is certainly at the dinner table. Pork is the most popular meat around the world with over 80 million loads produced each year making up 40% of all meat usage. We would be remiss to not discuss our gratitude for all things pork as we commemorate National Pig Day.

Earliest pig ever
The oldest pig on record, Ernestine, lived to the ripe aging of 22 years and 359 days; she passed in 2014 in Alberta, Canada.

Th-th-th-that’s all folks!
Porky Pig debuts on the big screen and is the longest standing Looney Tunes character of all time.

Pigs come to The United States and Canada
Spanish explorer, Hernando DeSoto, “father of the American pork industry”, first introduced domesticated pigs to the US bringing 15 to Tampa Bay, Florida.

200 BC
Pigs sign up with the Chinese Zodiac
Over 2000 years ago people began utilizing the Chinese zodiac as a predictor of the future, dividing into duplicating cycles of 12 years with each year represented by an animal, among which is the pig.

What is the biggest type of pig in the world?
The world record for the heaviest pig up until now is held by Big Bill, owned by Elias Buford Butler of Jackson, Tennessee. It was a Poland China breed of hog that tipped the scales at 2,552 pound in 1933.

Is March 1 National Pig Day?
National Pig Day is a vacation that is devoted to the celebration of the pig. This vacation– which is commemorated on March 1st every year– is celebrated in a lot of parts of the Midwest in the United States.

What is the tiniest pig worldwide?
The smallest type of domesticated pig on the planet is the Kunekune. However, it is not the size of the kunekune type that makes it most ideal as a pet. It’s character, personality and ease of management which has been celebrated for over hundreds of years and generations.

Learn about some popular pigs
We understand several lovable, fictitious pigs! Check out a book or view a movie about some of America’s favorite and most well-known swine. The leading 10 most famous piggies include Wilbur, from the book Charlotte’s Web, Porky Pig, Plopper, Homer Simpsons’ embraced pig and naturally, Miss Piggy!

Go to a regional farm
Discover pigs from the professionals. There are lots of petting zoos on regional farms that enable visitors to get up close and personal to their drove plus hear about how they live, what they consume and how they are cared for.

Volunteer at a pig rescue farm
Just like felines and pets, when the adoption of a potbellied pig doesn’t exercise, they can be given up to a pig rescue farm. Clearly not the perfect ending to an adoption so if there is one in your area, today would be a wonderful day to go to, volunteer and have fun with these sweet piggies.

That screech
A pig’s squeal can reach 115 decibels, which is 3 decibels above a supersonic jet!

Super taste
Pigs have 15,000 palate compared to the 9,000 of a person.

Quick movers
Pigs can run up to 11 miles per hour.

Thirsty animals
Pigs can drink up to 14 gallons of water per day.

They communicate
Pigs communicate with each other utilizing 20 different vocalizations.

They are wise
Pigs are thought to be one of the most intelligent animals! Just the elephant, dolphin and chimpanzee are ranked smarter in the animal kingdom. Pigs are much easier to domesticate than canines and they have been trained to do some quite cool things including play video games, differentiate smells, utilize a litter box and recognize signs. They even understand mirrors are reflections and not windows. We do not simply love them for their charm however likewise for their brains!

They look on the bright side
Pigs wonder and love to explore. While this ties into their intelligence, it also makes them optimists. Their enthusiasm for learning brand-new things combined with their social nature and natural intuition make them pleased animals.

This one word packs a powerful punch. We have actually all heard the saying “bacon makes everything better.” Bacon is among the oldest meats worldwide and, with over 2 billion pounds produced each year, it continues to make many of us very happy.



Calendar date of the event National Pig Day every year? Calendar National Pig Day from now to 2028 is the date?

When is...? Date Day of Week Days away
National Pig Day 2021 Day 28 Month 2 Year 2021 Sunday Happen in 0 days
National Pig Day 2022 Day 28 Month 2 Year 2022 Monday Happen in 0 days
National Pig Day 2023 Day 28 Month 2 Year 2023 Tuesday Happen in 279 days
National Pig Day 2024 Day 28 Month 2 Year 2024 Wednesday Happen in 644 days
National Pig Day 2025 Day 28 Month 2 Year 2025 Friday Happen in 1010 days
National Pig Day 2026 Day 28 Month 2 Year 2026 Saturday Happen in 1375 days
National Pig Day 2027 Day 28 Month 2 Year 2027 Sunday Happen in 1740 days
National Pig Day 2028 Day 28 Month 2 Year 2028 Monday Happen in 2105 days




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