Logistics Quotes

When we talk about ‘smart transportation,’ it is more than moving cargo from A to B. Digitization within transport and logistics means seamless service to our customers, visibility in the supply chain, and driving a more efficient business.
Soren Skou

Globalisation has powered economic growth in developing countries such as China. Global logistics, low domestic production costs, and strong consumer demand have let the country develop strong export-based manufacturing, making the country the workshop of the world.
Ma Jun

People say, ‘Dream big!’ – but you have to think about the logistics. It’s not just coming up with a great idea; it’s how you can sell or market or promote that great idea.
Marley Dias

Amateurs do tactics, experts do logistics, as we learn in the military.
Joe Sestak

Logistics is the ball and chain of armored warfare.
Heinz Guderian

One of the strengths of Adani is that, because we are controlling mines, ships, ports and logistics, we are the cheapest solution provider for end users.
Gautam Adani

Being in the consumer business helps us groom talent in areas like marketing, finance and logistics. We can benchmark our outsourcing business to our consumer business and its best practices.
Azim Premji

People who have gone through trauma need help with logistics in the short term.
Jennifer Ashton

There’s nobody who has as big of a real-time logistics network than Uber.
Jason Calacanis

Supermarket companies are big logistics companies, and one of the ways we’ve increased profitability in the past is by re-evaluating how they do logistics.
Ronald Burkle

I don’t really know the logistics of a Soundcloud rapper.
Lil Baby

It is so basic as to be mundane, but in disaster relief, all the good will in the world can go to hell in a hand basket if the logistics don’t work. In Ethiopia at the best of times, the logistics are difficult. It is a huge country – about the same size as Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma combined. It is also a transportation nightmare.
William Shawcross

I worked for the troops my entire time in the United States Armed Forces because we know in the United States Armed Forces that it’s not the generals and the colonels that win battles, it’s the soldiers: it’s the people at the front, the mechanics with their wrenches, the drivers moving the logistics back in the rear.
Wesley Clark

People don’t understand the logistics of advertising. To have the ads purchased and run, you need to have a series of products that work together.
Susan Wojcicki

For physical goods, there are costs associated with logistics and lead times, owing to inventories and poor forecasts of the market. With digital capital-intensive technology, however, production will inevitably move toward the final market, wherever it is. This re-localization constitutes a major shift in the structure of global supply networks.
Michael Spence

The nature of food processing had changed substantially in America. Much of it owed to corresponding changes in food packaging and the logistics for faster shipping. The scope of outbreak from foodborne illness no longer has a clear geographic boundary.
Scott Gottlieb

As someone who flew two space capsules and twice landed in the ocean, I can attest from personal experience how much logistics work is needed to get you home.
Buzz Aldrin

I’ve never presented. The logistics of that is a challenge.
Michael Ritchie

Not only can AI improve civilian safety, it will vastly improve battlefield logistics, creating better scenarios for men and women in uniform.
Will Hurd

My life is just – logistics – fitting everything in.
June Brown

I don’t mind if somebody texts me but I’m not a big texter, the things are too small. I don’t mind if they text, ‘7 o’clock,’ that’s fine, that’s logistics but, ‘What’s up?’ Get real! Pick up a phone!
Penny Marshall

Adani Enterprises is well on track to realize its aim of emerging as India’s largest private sector energy and logistics conglomerate.
Gautam Adani

Usually I get asked to do stuff that’s cool, and if I ever can’t do something, it’s usually, because of logistics, I don’t have the time for it. Rarely do I get ask to do something that I’d rather not do. I usually do it if I feel that it’s something I can do.
Mark Lanegan

When you see a space for the first time, you aren’t just thinking about how to decorate it, you are thinking of architectural design, the logistics of electrical planning, etc. You need to understand all that, to give your client the best possible solutions.
Sussanne Khan

This is a once in a lifetime event. It is very rare to remove 86% of the currency in circulation in one go. The logistics of such an operation are mammoth.
Urjit Patel

I think every year we get better at running BlizzCon. The scale of the event is so large and I think people appreciate the logistics involved in putting on such an event.
Michael Morhaime

As I’ve told Tyler, there’s not a really easy place between being single and being married for us now. We’re just so busy that the logistics of our career make dating impossible. I think I’ll find a girl at some point that makes all of the extra work and effort that needs to be put into it worth it. But for right now, I just date my drums.
Josh Dun

Digitization and new technologies are rapidly changing all industries, forcing them to prepare for a tomorrow that is unpredictable. This also applies to the industry of container shipping, ports, and logistics, which largely has been driven by the traditional business models focused on optimizing how you move goods.
Soren Skou

There are several revenue streams that are near and present that could support a private space station, including in-space manufacturing, microgravity research, and tourism – for both individuals and sovereign nation astronauts – and in-space supply logistics.
Dylan Taylor

My ideas tend to be either really big in terms of like, the logistics, or really small.
Cary Fukunaga

People don’t understand the logistics of advertising.
Susan Wojcicki

The script is so key to making a good movie. But everything is against you when you’re making a movie: the logistics of putting a crew out where you need to go, whether the light is fading; if the weather’s not right, something’s wrong.
Wes Ball

Giap was a master of logistics, but his reputation rests on more than that. His victories were achieved by a patient strategy that he and Ho Chi Minh were convinced would succeed – an unwavering resolve to suffer immense casualties and the near total destruction of their country to defeat any adversary, no matter how powerful.
John McCain

WrestleMania is a week-long series of events, and the logistics of executing that week along with the week leading into it and the week after it are extraordinarily difficult in our own back yard.
Triple H

When you meet a new woman who does stand-up, it is instantly like, ‘Yes! In the gang’. Because you know the logistics of the job: they travel a lot, it’s lonely in dressing rooms, you know that they have bad gigs. That means they don’t have to prove themselves to me.
Sara Pascoe

Cops and robbers resemble each other, so there’s not a lot to learn in terms of learning the logistics of committing the crime or investigating the crime.
Andre Braugher

Today’s leading real-world retailer, Wal-Mart, uses software to power its logistics and distribution capabilities, which it has used to crush its competition.
Marc Andreessen

Real estate deals a lot with the government. It isn’t like manufacturing, logistics, home appliances or the auto sector, which deal with consumers.
Wang Jianlin

For years, I have been working on crossing the Grand Canyon. Actually, there is nobody who says ‘no,’ but since this is a project that comes from me and not a commission, I have to find the money, plan the logistics, etcetera.
Philippe Petit

While air bases and logistics hubs remain important, the Cold War-style garrisoning of troops makes less military and fiscal sense than it did in the 1970s.
Robert C. O’Brien

What we like to say is that the vision for Uber is the cross between lifestyle and logistics.
Travis Kalanick

EBay gave me the framework to discover I was an e-commerce entrepreneur. I touched everything, from shipping to logistics.
Sophia Amoruso

Here’s the thing: I come from a filmmaking background, so this concept of sort of overseeing a television show but not directing was, in general, not weird, but I had to get used to what that felt like. My initial instinct was, ‘I want to direct as much of this as possible.’ But the logistics of making of TV, that’s just not possible.
Justin Simien

Motherhood is wonderful, but it’s also hard work. It’s the logistics more than anything. You discover you have reserves of energy you didn’t know you had.
Deborah Mailman

I really feel like there have been moments of some level of creative nonfiction. I have kind of had to explain or justify some of the timeline and logistics of my life in a way that made sense to others.
Rachel Dolezal

As always, we start off with asking, ‘What’s a good episode?’ We don’t think about timing, and we don’t think about logistics. We just think about what would be good.
Marc Guggenheim

Know when to email vs. when to meet. Logistics are best handled over a non-immediate communication channel like email or Asana tasks. Detailed status meetings will suck the life out of your day.
Justin Rosenstein

I never, ever drink while writing. Never have from the start, and I’m happy that I never have to. A lot of my stuff is plot-driven and mathematical, and I think you need a clean and sober mind to pin down the logistics of that.
Martin McDonagh

People who have never done theatre before, and have only worked in front of a camera, would find it very difficult, I think, to know how to command a stage and work with the logistics of being on stage. They’re very different. The theatre is quite tricky, actually.
David Wenham

My father was the nurturing one, the one who always made sure my sister and I ate properly and that our hair was brushed… He really took care of the logistics of our upbringing.
Kenza Fourati

A band requires so much rehearsal and travel logistics. I didn’t mind it when I was younger, but there’s not much motivation for me to do it now.
Mark Kozelek

All that Rent the Runway has really done is we’ve opened up the technology and logistics to make it possible to have the customer decide how long she needs an article of clothing for.
Jennifer Hyman

During the 1950s, I decided, as did many others, that many practical problems were beyond analytic solution and that simulation techniques were required. At RAND, I participated in the building of large logistics simulation models; at General Electric, I helped build models of manufacturing plants.
Harry Markowitz

If you start from the farm sector, we need much better investments and capital creation on land. We need logistics support; we need cold chain and processing capability. We need proper pricing at various stages to ensure that the producers are not left out in the value-chain.
Arundhati Bhattacharya

I loved being on the field playing and teaching softball. I didn’t like the fact that a camp had my name on it and I didn’t know the logistics of what was going on. I wanted to make sure I was involved in a camp that did things right.
Jennie Finch

In the past, I had the marketing know how to get people to talk about my products, but I didn’t have the infrastructure or logistics to fulfill the demand properly.
Ray J

I do not question the power of our weapons and the efficiency of our logistics; I cannot say these things delight me as they seem to delight some of our officials, but they are certainly impressive.
J. William Fulbright

I create a lot of my content in one or two days for the next month because I can get really creatively inspired and then I can spend the rest of the couple of months thinking about other creative ideas but focusing on business, logistics, being effective, practical, and productive.
Jay Shetty

I’ve always set my stories in places I know well. It frees me up to spend more imaginative time on the characters if I’m not worrying about the logistics.
Kim Edwards

I actually think it’s better I started by being close to customers. That foundation early on helped me later when I went into logistics and other kinds of management.
Mike Duke

When you’re doing kidney transplants, you have to find out who can exchange kidneys with whom, doing blood tests to make sure it’s true. You can’t just work on the preliminary data. Then you have to organize the logistics.
Alvin E. Roth

As a logistics entrepreneur who has created hundreds of American jobs, I will make sure the National Highway bill improves our infrastructure, while ensuring that products used and jobs created from this legislation are made in the U.S.A.
Mike Braun

There is a lot of work just in terms of traveling and logistics and people and gear and all that kind of stuff. But I never really have problems playing music. That never seems like work.
James Iha

The logistics of blood is something that I didn’t even understood as a first-time director. Not just actors and make-up, but once a set gets bloody, you don’t un-blood it. Once something gets bloody, you either rebuild the set, or you just don’t get the shot.
Drew Goddard

You can’t have a show that’s too ballad heavy. Those are the black and white logistics of putting together a show. You have to have some balance and some order.
Guy Sebastian

I will be engaging myself personally, as the head of the Polish government, in the optimization of conditions for the exploration, research, logistics and the business related to the production of shale gas.
Donald Tusk

For every movie that you go see, how many leading male roles are there in any given movie, and how many leading female roles are there? There may be 5 or 6 really good roles for guys and maybe one for a woman. And it doesn’t even matter if you’re 25. That’s just the logistics.
Holly Hunter

TV journalism is a much more collaborative, horizontal business than print reporting. It has to be, because of the logistics. Anchors are wholly dependent on producers to do all the hustling.
Tina Brown

Fashion is not art. Fashion is a business that requires discipline and attention to detail and very organized systems of logistics and operations and processes. But even with the most smoothly oiled machine to manage the business, without creativity, fashion could not exist.
Imran Amed

In the event of war, probably Saudi Arabia will facilitate some certain logistics to make the operation easier for the United States, but actually, the United States does not need Saudi territories to launch a war against Iraq.
Jamal Khashoggi

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